We built the first "Tub" Grinder in 1947, and held the original patent from 1952 to 1969.
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"Celebrating our 70th Anniversary!

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About Us

The mission of W.H.O. Manufacturing is to provide honest and reliable products and services that stand head and shoulders above the rest.​

W.H.O. invented the tub grinder and we've been building them since 1947. We've built them so rugged they have become the standard for waste reduction such as tree trimmings, industrial waste and general trash going into landfills.

In addition to building the best tub grinders possible. W.H.O. also offers their customers superior service. You can call the factory and talk directly to the people who built your grinder. They'll know what machine it is and any of it's special features.

We exceed expectations.
We’re here when you need us.
Delivering Unparalleled Workmanship