We built the first "Tub" Grinder in 1947, and held the original patent from 1952 to 1969.
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"Celebrating our 70th Anniversary!

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During the last 70 years W.H.O. has built more large grinders than any other manufacture. They built the first one and hold the original patent. More accumulative experience is available to W.H.O. customers than any other manufacture. W.H.O. provides superior service. When you call the factory you talk to the people who built your grinder. Many of the original grinders built by W.H.O. are still in use today. Since receiving the original the original patent in 1952 W.H.O. has made many desighn changes to benefit users. Each grinder is built to order and a verity of options are available to our customers. Avoiding costly downtime is important. When you purchase a dependable W.H.O. Tub Grinder you can count increasing your profits be meeting your projected time schedules and making the best use of your equipment.